Speakers spend an hour or more sharing content that participants can use to learn how to identify what need to be Fix and, what to do and in what order.

Entrepreneur Panels held from Tuesday  and Wednesday after lunch, panelists will share how the got their first 100 customers and what they changed to go from 100 customers to 1,000 customers.

 During the Innovation Challenges, participants apply the panelist content to a local company.


Kristie Jones

Keynote Speaker

B2B SaaS companies work with Kristie to help them build-out and improve their sales processes, outbound strategies, and to hire top talent because it’s hard to hit revenue targets set by VCs, the board, or even you if your pipeline is anemic and your sales team is under-performing.

Kristie is the author of “Selling Your Way IN”. She’s a speaker, coach, and sales consultant helping companies drive more revenue from their Sales and Customer Success teams.

She is known for her willingness to get her hands dirty and “take no prisoners” approach when helping companies drive more revenue.

Marti Evans

Moderator -Wednesday – Getting to 1,000 Customers

An innovative technology executive focused on Industry 4.0 Digital Transformation and Operational Excellence. Marti has worked for Fortune 50 technology companies including IBM, Microsoft and SAP leading the development and execution of complex pursuit strategies that involved large cross-functional pursuit teams.  Managing client relationships at all levels, she has been noted for her business acumen and the deep relationships she builds. Her work has taken her from the C-Suites of North America to operational sites in the US, Canada, Chile, Mongolia and more.At Incito, she brings the tools, methodologies and human performance understanding to help individuals, leadership teams and sales teams reach their highest level of performance and excellence.

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