Speakers (shown in the purple boxes below) spend an hour or more sharing content that participants can use to accelerate the growth of Alberta’s startup community and cross the chasm.

Facilitators (shown in the orange boxes below) lead by-invitation-only workshops held Tuesday to Friday mornings. During the workshops, participants apply the facilitator’s content to a local early-stage company selected based on company suggestions and voting results on the Startup Alberta Facebook Group.

On-Site Coaches (not listed in the schedule below) are available all week for 30-minute sessions, with half of their time taken via scheduled office hours held in small meeting rooms at Platform Calgary.  Additional time is made available to online participants on an ad-hoc basis.


Adam Berk

Speaker and On-site Coach

I help large public and private companies, government agencies, and impact-driven organizations implement “innovation at scale” using Lean Startup principles, hypothesis-driven product development, and evidence-based (stage-gate) investment governance.
I work or have worked with Google, the Department of Health and Human Services, The Build Institute in Detroit, 150 Startups (Alberta), KauffmanLabs, TechPeaks, Bizdom, Numa Paris, StartupIstanbul, Startup Chile, TurkishWIN, FastForward Ramallah, AOL, ESPN, NewsCorp, AMEX and others who don’t want their competition to know just how valuable it can be to run the types of experiments I teach.

April Boyle

Speaker and On-site Coach

April Boyle a Social entrepreneur, Angel Investor, and champion of inclusive innovation ecosystems.  As founder and executive director of BUILD Institute, she helped incubate hundreds of small businesses—especially women- and minority-owned.  

April is also the co-creator of a number of her own creative ventures, including the award-winning family Hootenanny kids concert series and CD, the critically acclaimed Indonesian pop-up restaurant Komodo Kitchen, and the all-mom rock band The Mydols-featured on the cable television series Gene Simmons Family Jewels.  She is also co-owner and investor in the Gold Cash Gold building in Corktown. 


Colleen Stewart

Speaker and Facilitator

In the last two years we have seen that it’s not physical space that binds us, it’s our stories.

For more than a decade, I have helped businesses across North America connect with investors, customers, and employees. My work has helped founders and CEO’s get clear about what they do and why. I have helped scientists, data analysts, and sales professionals sell their ideas and move their audiences into a better world.

Storytelling is my passion. It still amazes me that every business, no matter how technical, is a captivating story just waiting to get out.

Cory Bray

Speaker and Facilitator

Cory Bray is Co-Founder of CoachCRM, sales coaching software for managers; Co-Founder of ClozeLoop a sales strategy, training, and enablement firm with offices in New York, Houston, Silicon Valley, and Johannesburg; Partner in 2.12 Angels a seed-stage venture capital firm; and author of 8 top-selling books on sales, sales management, and coaching. 

Cory has helped build teams in companies that range from early-stage start-ups to global organizations. He’s an award-winning trainer and sought-after speaker around the globe.


Josh David Miller (aka JDM)

Speaker and Facilitator

JDM (Josh David Miller) has been called “the shredder of business models” is an entrepreneur and startup advisor who’s helped 100+ startups launch sooner and scale faster. He fashions himself an instigator, and those who know him best say his superpower is finding the right question to ask to create focus, clarity, and potency.

His portfolio includes: Talks & workshop 1 Million Cups weekly meetup, 1:1 coaching with curated founders, Design-sprint-based consulting at The Right Box, Mentoring at Growth Factory accelerator, Sac State University

Tapiwa Dzingai

Speaker and Facilitator

Tapiwa Dzingai is a human-centered global thinker, creative troublemaker and innovation leader with 15+ years of global experience championing change and leveraging innovation to build digital and physical businesses, products and services and reinvigorate and grow multi-million and billion dollar B2B and B2C brands.

She has diverse experience working with and for start-ups, mid-size and large size companies across multiple industries (incl. tech, construction, healthcare, financial services) spanning North America, South America, Western Europe & Canada

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